How Anyone Can Make Real Money Online With Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most innovative online creations that offers an infinite amount of opportunities to earn money on the Internet. From wacky tasks to conventional online gigs like content writing, there are a lot of different ways one can earn some hard-earned cash from this online marketplace. 

For online sellers and freelancers, Fiverr is a very profitable site, with tons of website traffic coming on a daily basis. In addition, this marketplace has over 2 million tasks listed and 4,000 brand-new services, across a hundred categories. 

What Is Fiverr?

To earn money with Fiverr, first you need to understand what this website is all about as it will help you decide if it’s right for you and to learn about the earning potential of this online money-making source. 

Fiverr, in a nutshell, is an online global marketplace that offers services and tasks (referred as gigs), at a small cost of $5 per performed job. For the most part, it is used by freelancers to offer an array of services, and by clients to buy such services.

This site lists over 3 million different services that range between $5 and $500 hundred dollars, though anything priced over $5 is called a gig extra, and all base gigs are $5, that’s the rules.

For example, if selling article writing service your gig would be: “I Will Write A 500 Word Article for $5”. Then a gig extra might be, “Write 1000 word article” +$10 and another gig extra might be: “Write 1500 Word Article +$20 etc. 

Many sellers also offer gig extras that expedite speed of delivery for express service as opposed to their normal delivery time.

Price Per Task

As a freelancer, this online marketplace offers you a simple and extremely viable way to earn money online because they have a lot of traffic and thousands upon thousands of members.  

This, in turn, will give you a good source of income, or supplement your other one. While $5 is a relatively small amount of money for many freelancers, there have been a lot of freelancers that have earned a fortune from this online marketplace that sell many gigs per month along with the upsells on the gig extras.

For each gig, Fiverr gets a 20% cut, which means you will only have a net pay-out of $4. 

On the bright side, you can earn much more than $4 dollars per gig, as you develop a good reputation and get more clients to buy your services.

 As your sales increase and you get positive feedback from buyers, your rating as a seller increases, which, consequently increases your rankings within Fiverr for even more exposure that leads to more sales.

After you have completed at least ten Fiverr transactions, you will be able to unlock several advanced tools that offer add-on services as well as increase the value of your gigs. 

What Gigs Can Be Offered?

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist in order to earn money from this online marketplace. As a matter of fact, some Fiverr sellers have earned a lot of money from doing completely crazy and totally unique gigs like impersonating celebrities, daredevil stunts and crazy dancing. 

But, it is the legitimate and conventional gigs that are selling like hot cakes. The most popular and best-selling gigs in this site are SEO services, article writing, business consultation services, video editing and logo designing. 

Tips For The Ultimate Fiverr Success

  • Use catchy key phrases and words for the gigs offered in your profile description page. 

  • Showcase your awesome work by uploading the pictures of the gigs you have delivered. 

  • Deliver fast responses to customer inquiries. 

  • Always deliver the project or gig in a timely manner. Keep in mind that buyers are always eager to get their hands on the end product.  

  • Deliver what you promised on the sales page.

  • Make sure the sales page clearly defines what is offered, and anticipate all the questions buyers might have and make sure to include appropriate answers as well.

  • There are international sellers on Fiverr, but, it is an English site, and sale success can be damaged when sales pages are written in horrible English that no one can understand. If you are not fluent in the English language then outsource your sales copy to an appropriate seller on Fiverr.

  • Quality work is essential to maintain the required number of positive reviews to keep your business growing. Even one negative rating can quickly cause sales to dry up, and so attention to detail and quality is essential for success on Fiverr.

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