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Free Insider Advertising Report by LeadsLeap
Chapter 01: Not All Ads Are Equal

Chapter 02: Why Advertising Doesn't Work

Chapter 03: Why No Sales

Chapter 04: Where To Advertise

Chapter 05: What To Advertise

Chapter 06: Headline

Chapter 07: Content (Part 1)

Chapter 08: Content (Part 2)

Chapter 09: Closing

Chapter 10: How To Advertise An Affiliate Product

Chapter 11: How To Advertise An Online MLM Program

Chapter 12: How To Advertise A Product That Has No Immediate Needs

Chapter 13: How To Advertise To The Same Group Of People

Chapter 14: How To Advertise A Blog

Chapter 15: How To Be Creative In Your Next Ad

Chapter 16: How To Guarantee Success In Advertising (Bonus Chapter)

Chapter 17: How To Build An Online Business That Lasts (Bonus Chapter)

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90 Minute Affiliate Challenge Review (Free Course)

The 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge is a free online webinar class by Brian Brewer. Brian is a super affiliate in the internet marketing field.

If you are a newbie to affiliate marketing, and still wondering if you can make money online, all I would say is it is a legit business model and earning an online income is possible.  Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start making online as you won’t have to

  • Create your own product
  • Close sales
  • Deliver fulfilment (delivering, shipping etc.).
  • Handle customer service or deal with complaints, refunds or any other aspect of the process

Your sole time will be taken up to do

  • Marketing.

That is it. With the affiliate marketing business model, your only responsibility is marketing.

Brian’s 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge shows step by step how to get started in this multi-billion dollar industry so you too can have a slice of the money cake.

I have been following Brian for some time now and he is a really down to earth guy, only wanting the best for his subscribers; going the extra mile.

So Who Is Brian Brewer?

Brian Brewer is a 6-figure affiliate marketer who made his name, first as a Shopify affiliate and then as Legendary Marketer affiliate before setting up his own courses.  I am an affiliate for his upgrade program, Affiliate Escape Plan which is packed full of value, but what I love most of all is his live fortnightly group mentoring calls online – I learn so much from other people’s questions and value the support from them and Brian.  But if you just want to dip your toe in, I would recommend you start slowly with this  90 Minute Affiliate Challenge as you will get superb value to get you started without being overwhelmed.

What is the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge?

The 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge is a 9-lesson free course focusing the teaching on online marketing skills.  Don’t underestimate this training!! It has the potential to transform your life.

If you ask any affiliate marketing who has been in the industry for some years, you will hear that affiliate marketing is easier today than it has ever been.  So then the question is, why do most affiliate marketers still struggle to make their first commission online.

It has all to do with where you learn your information. It is all great and well to learn for free on google or YouTube, but then what…..most people give up as a lot of online information make it sound so easy….but it takes commitment and dedication as well as guidance from the right mentor to just nudge you into the right direction. 

Brian shares the “success principles” of affiliate marketing, which enabled him and countless others to quit their jobs and generate multiple 6 figures in a few years.  In this 90 Min Affiliate Challenge, Brian shares these secrets.

This free course shares legit and valuable details. Brian is a legit person who put his money where his mouth is.

What’s does the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge Include?

Before starting the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge course, Brian gives a welcome video to warm you up to what’s coming.

He explains why affiliate marketing is the best online method for beginners to earn their first commission.  He also elaborate on why high-ticket affiliate marketing is the quicker way to live the laptop lifestyle even faster so you can scale and eventually quit your job (if that’s your intention).

Join the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge here

Lesson 1: How to Become a Successful Affiliate Quick & Easy

In this first lesson, Brian explains about affiliate marketing and discusses the three most common ways people find success with affiliate marketing:

1.How to rank for search terms.

2.How to become an influencer.

3.How to grow a tribe and help them.

Brian also shares why his “think win-win,” habit has brought him success.

Lesson 2: How to Choose a Profitable Niche & Winning Affiliate Products

If you have done some research about profitable niches, it won’t surprise you that Brian agrees these to be in the following niches.  In this lesson, he starts by showing the three evergreen niches that have the most potential for affiliate revenue:

  • Health.
  • Love/Relationships.
  • Wealth.

These niches are evergreen because through time it remains a fact that those are the most common areas in people’s lives where they will encounter problems that they are usually desperate to solve.

It is a situation of demand and supply.  Someone has an issue that bothers them, and they are prepared to pay for solutions. 

Brian develop a formula to make money even faster.  The hack is to solve your own problem first (eg. How to make money online) and then help others like you solve their problem the same way.  He calls this formula:


That, is the secret to succeeding twice as fast in this business.

Lesson 3: Brian's 3 Step “PSP” Framework

Here, Brian gives information about how to get people to buy. This lesson has actionable steps to build your affiliate marketing business.

The “PSP” framework is divided into three parts:

  1. Problem: traffic (content or ads).
  2. Solution: your bridge page funnel. 
  3. Product: product’s sales process.

The “PSP” model takes people on a journey:

  1. Tell them about a problem they might have.
  2. Provide the solution.
  3. Product creator sells the product (your affiliate link links the potential customer with the product creator’s voice).

Lesson 4: Use Simple 2-Page Funnel Model for Affiliate Offers

90 Minute Affiliate Challenge - simple 2 page funnel in Lesson 4
In this lesson, Brian explains the science behind why his simple 2-page funnel is responsible for generating more than $200k for himself and nearly 7 figures across multiple affiliates who have copied the exact funnel outlined in this lesson.

He provides specific strategies and tactics to become a successful marketer. He will also teach you how to build funnels the right way so you can make money for years to come. 

And best of all, you can with 1-click clone and import his funnel for free.

90 Minute Affiliate Challenge Lesson 4 why this funnel works so well
The funnel and pre-written email follow-up swipes, bridge page funnel script comes free.  You also get a bonus that shows you how to also give this away to earn more passive income.

You will be able to clone Brian’s funnel - either paid (Legendary Marketer) or Free ( 

Remember that we’re talking about a free course! So what is given away for free is a lifetime opportunity. If you want to clone the funnel responsible for Brian’s 6-figure business, click the button below to join this challenge.

Join the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge

Lesson 5: How to Get Unlimited Free & Targeted Traffic

In this lesson, Brian talks about the #1 opportunity right now to get free traffic to your offers, in other words, short-form content:

  • Facebook Reels
  • Instagram Reels.
  • YouTube Shorts.
  • TikTok Videos.

Brian is a big fan of short-form content.  It is much easier to create 10-15 second videos, compared to growing a YouTube channel.   Also, the various platforms’ algorithms push short-form content, which means that there is a much higher chance to reach audiences even if you have no following or subscribers.

Lesson 6: How to Increase Conversions with Email Automation

You may have heard that “the money is in the list” and Brian reiterates the importance of having an email list including how you should use it.  Brian is keen that instead of just trying to sell the product to your email list (to those who haven’t bought it yet), you should be applying the “PSP” (problem, solution, product) framework and address those three steps in your emails.

Brian also advices that you must be relatable with your audience by sharing your own story so your audience can relate to you.  Tell them what job you did and of your struggles to make ends meet (if it is relevant) and also tell them how you have found the product that you are promoting, helpful.

Remember that people who opted in your email list resonated with your story in one way or another.

And in particular, it they haven’t bought yet, remind them of possible problems they might have (or their objections) and then offer the solution (the product) and what you found helpful about the product you are promoting.

This way, you validate the product and build trust with your followers.

Affiliate marketing is not about selling stuff.  Affiliate marketing is all about trust. And trust is being built by helping people to solve their problems.

Lesson 7: Make Your Offer So Irresistible that People Cannot Refuse to Buy It.

This lesson shows how to increase the perceived value of your affiliate offer so the product’s price becomes irrelevant.  Brian created the “value formula,” showing you how to increase the perceived value of your offer.

Lesson 8: How to Create Omnipresence

The more you show up in front of your leads the more they will become familiar with you.  Familiarity breeds trust.  And trust breeds loyalty.

At this point Brian also give a sneak peek inside follow up training if you are ready to take the next step on the high-ticket affiliate marketing gravy train.  It involves his 15 principles of marketing. His message is that, as long as his business focused on those 15 principles, the money took care of itself, and he never had to worry about the next payday.

As a bonus, if you enrol in Brian’s  Affiliate Escape Plan (AEP) 2.0, you’ll automatically gain access to the full recording of his presentation.

Take away message from this lesson is principle #2, which relates to the definition of marketing by Frank Kern, namely: marketing is getting the right message about an excellent product in front of the right people at the right time.

Lesson 9: How to Build Multiple Streams of Income 

The take-away message from this last lesson is that helping your leads will result in more income from them.  When you solve a problem, other problems arise and must be solved.  And you can solve a problem for one lead with a crib sheet or quick video, but that also means that other leads may have similar problems, so you then incorporate your solutions into your email marketing or elsewhere in a handy manner for all your leads. 

Furthermore, although affiliate marketing may have solved your problem, you may have encountered other problems and when you know solutions for that, you can tell your leads about those tools as you know they will need them sooner rather than later.  And usually such tools may have their own affiliate programs, which in turn will start you to multiply your income streams and capitalise on the whole chain.

Here’s how this applies to Brian:

  • He promotes LegendaryMarketer for people interested in online marketing education to quit their 9 to 5, for example.
  • He introduces them to ClickFunnels that is a funnel builder that hosts their funnels when they start learning about affiliate marketing.
  • To follow up with their leads, people will need an email autoresponder
  • Lately Brian also recommends as that is a free funnel builder and autoresponder to help get started even cheaper.
  • As part of his Affiliate Escape Plan (AEP) 2.0 program, Brian offers group live coaching every 2 weeks as part of this plan. This in itself is invaluable as the majority of mentors in affiliate marketing charges huge costs just to get time with them. If you upgrade to AEP plan, this is just part of the package and the trainings are recorded so you can catch up on those in your members area. But that alone is worth the AEP 2.0. This alone is unheard of in the affiliate marketing industry.

Join the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge

The Course Is Free, So What’s The Catch?

There is no catch.  Brian says he created this 100% free course so you can get up to date and trust-worthy information about affiliate marketing. He says he loves the affiliate marketing industry because it completely changed his life and is paying forward what he learned.  Affiliate Marketing gave him freedom and he is wanting the same for you. 

This free course shows the repeatable process that allowed him to succeed and you can apply this in any affiliate marketing venture.  The knowledge is not restricted to promote his high ticket program, as you can apply the knowledge to your own affiliate program you want to promote.  However, Brian plainly admits that his main goal is to give you so much value with the amount of information he gives you, so that when you are ready to go all-in with affiliate marketing and looking for a high-ticket affiliate course to promote, you’ll consider promoting his  Affiliate Escape Plan (AEP) 2.0.

His premium upgrade course  Affiliate Escape Plan (AEP) 2.0 is there for you if you want:

  • More support.
  • More step-by-step tutorials.
  • More guidance.
  • More frameworks.
  • More back-end conversion process stuff.
  • And have the potential to earn $1,000 commissions.
  • Brian likes to say his goal is to show you that he can help you by actually helping you.   

Brian Brewer's 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge

90 Minute Affiliate Challenge Review: Conclusion

Affiliate marketing can be started from doing a free course.  Brian Brewer’s 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge provides better value than some paid courses out there.  It provides you with step by step information, taking you by the hand.  If you’re still unsure about affiliate marketing and are not willing to spend money on education, then I would recommend this free course.  In my years of learning about affiliate marketing this course has opened my eyes to what other massively expensive courses left out.  I honestly have never taken a free course with so much value as the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge.  

It is methodical and laid out clearly and concisely.  Brian has a down to earth humility and is bending backwards to make his students’ lives as easy as possible by going the extra mile to resolve their issues and providing additional tools needed as cheaply or freely as possible.

This course is free and only 90 minutes long and nothing to lose.  If you do this course, I would love to hear from you about how you found it.

Join the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge

How to Transform Any Text Into A 100% Human-Sounding Voiceover With Only 3 Clicks

Have you ever tried to create a Text to Speech (TTS) audio file, and thought, “Wow, that was easy?” or “That sounds great!”  If you have, great.  But if you are still spending hours on end trying to do voiceovers I can guarantee your experience is probably, quite the opposite such as:

  • ’Text To Speech’ sounds like a lifeless Robot
  • Freelance Voice-over Artists are expensive
  • It can take days for them to deliver

How to Create 100% Human-Like Voice Over On-Demand

If you have the means to outsource your voiceover projects, great, but this could cost you several hundred bucks for an “average” Voice Over… not to mention the time and hassle of going back and forth with a bunch of freelancers.

Let’s face it — up until now creating ‘Text To Speech’ audio has been a PAIN…and the results? Just plain disappointing!

So up until now, it has been down to paying for ‘talent’ or Doing It Yourself?

But NOT anymore!

There IS a much easier, faster way to create Human Sounding audio in a few clicks… in MINUTES from now?!

There’s a brand new tool that’s just hit the market and it’s going to make your life infinitely easier when it comes to creating Voiceovers from Text.

Say goodbye to

❌ Paying tons of dollars to expensive voice over artists

❌ ‘Robotic’ TTS Tools

❌ Disappointing results

❌ Learning complex technical skills & technology

❌ Waiting for months & years to get real results

Get the ultimate edge over the competition whilst spending a lot less hours struggling to get your voiceovers sound better.  Pump out Human sounding Audio for your videos in double quick time.

This brand NEW software will…

  • Create beautiful, natural sounding Voice-overs
  • In over 23 languages
  • Add Pauses, Inflections and Tone
  • Make Listeners believe it’s a real human talking

In under a minute with just a few clicks you can have natural sounding Voice-overs for your videos.

Sounds interesting…
See the software In Action Here

This brand new A.I based software instantly transforms any text into a 100% human-sounding voiceover like a pro in only 3 clicks

Follow these 3 steps and convert any text into a human-sounding voiceover

  1. Step #1 Paste Text
  2. Step #2 Choose Voice
  3. Step #3 Download
Feeling Lured…see the software In Action Here

Build Email List with Help of Udimi Solo Ads

You are probably well aware that ‘the money is in the list’ – ‘YOUR list’ to be more specific and you have probably also tried several of the recommended free ways to grow your list, but without success.

And furthermore, you probably have also dipped your toe into paid ads and parted with your hard-earned cash to buy Facebook or Google or other paid ads, also to no avail.

This article will tell you about another way to engage in paid ads, a lot more successful than other types of paid ads, particularly for beginner online marketers.

How to kick start your email list by buying solo ads from Udimi

Well, if that is the case, you may be surprised to hear that there is still some hope to get paid traffic.  And although one can buy and sell ads on Udimi, this article will only focus on buying ads on Udimi, because, as you are reading this blog, my assumption is that you are a beginner probably wanting to start or grow your email list. 

On the Udimi platform there is a huge opportunity for you to buy solo ads with elite email lists from plenty of authentically identified sellers.  These sellers are specialised in different niches and based around the world so that you will have many different options to choose from clicks at various prices.

Why is Udimi Platform Suitable for Beginners

On Udimi platform various buyers and sellers can meet and trade for solo ads. The sellers make available their elite email lists to provide you, the buyer opportunity to advertise your link in front of their audience.  Sellers on Udimi bring good conversion rates.

As the buyer you can search for sellers based on ranking and filter out what you prefer. This system works for affiliate and digital marketers, making it an all-in-one platform for many entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers. Udimi operates on a ‘blind rating system’, which is reassuring as this means the scores are accurate and unbiased. In turn, this increases the rate of interest for buyers and ensures they get effective results for their investment.

The sellers provide up to date opt-in lists to reach recipients who are familiar with the senders and already engaged with their content. So there are great chances they would also click on any specific advertisement being emailed out by their already trusted sender.  In turn, this increases the buyers’ conversion rates.

Watch the video below for more details

Benefits of using Udimi platform

Easy to use Interface - The interface of the  Udimi platform is very easy to use and doesn’t require any skills to operate. Anyone, even beginners, can operate and use it without any issues.

Very affordable for buyers - The platform is very affordable for buyers since they can buy a click for somewhere just between 40 cents to 95 cents and get high-quality traffic that can convert into leads & customers.

Customer support present - Customer support is contactable throughout the day to provide timely solutions for problems or queries.

There is no doubt that all online affiliates or entrepreneurs need to use paid advertisements as part of their marketing strategy to boost product sales.  Udimi provides the best of the elite email lists to buyers willing to generate traffic on their landing page.  Udimi is a very suitable platform where you can promote with solo ads

👍 SignUp Now On Udimi For Free

Buy solo ads - Udimi

10 Tips On How To Write Content That Sells On Business Blogs

It is a proven fact that blogging is a great way to promote and get more traffic for any kind of business site, but, of course, the results depend on the quality of the content and posts. Not all sites using blogs for promotion are successful, because not all marketers know how to write content that sells.

If that is your case, or you just want to make sure that you are on the right track, here are a few tips to guide you along the process of writing high converting blog posts.

1. Focus on business goals – Why are you blogging, what is your main goal? No matter what it is, avoid personal subjects, keep it to business, and provide useful information that goes above and beyond. 

In order to help you to define your goals, answer these questions:

  • Do you want traffic within the shop or just online?

  • Do you wish to increase sales or just traffic?

  • What clients do you want to attract?

  • Do you want to educate clients and prospects?

  • Do you want to focus on the company, to build a brand, or just on the products fast?

  • Do you want to bring more organic traffic?

  • Pick a maximum of three objectives and stick to them for better results.

2. Target a well-defined category of customers – Do the research and think about what is the ideal target audience for your business. Who is interested in your products and what they would be looking for, this is a common practice known as market research. Write the posts in a language that would suit the education level, the age and the interests of these potential customers.

3. Choose the subjects of your posts carefully – They have to awake the interest of your potential customers, to entice them to read more, and to establish you as an authority in the niche. Expertise is of utmost importance because it will increase sales and carve you into the “go to” entity for that industry. 

4. Well-written posts – Make sure that the content is well written, poorly written articles do little to portray your business as an authority or to convey professionalism. This includes proofing carefully for typos and grammar errors. 

5. Make posts easy to read – People like to read between the lines, they like short and concise sentences, they like bullets and headings, so make sure to structure your post accordingly and do not forget to leave some space between the paragraphs, to give the reader the impression that he or she has more “air”, more freedom of choice, more time to process information.  

6. Use keywords in post titles – The best way to be sure the search engines place your content in relevant search engine page results is by optimizing your page’s titles tags. This will bring targeted organic search traffic, as opposed to, generic titles that no one is searching for.

7. Provide useful and practical information - Give tips, advice, examples, include videos and photos if you can. The more problems your posts solve and the more questions they answer, the more sales they will bring, as well as, establish your business as an authority.

8. Be persuasive - Do not try to sell the products directly, but rather to show people what they need and where they can get it from safely and at affordable prices. Solve problems. Bragging about how great products are and blogging in an overly promotional manner is a run off and lowers the trust level that the audience will have in your company. It is much more effective to be useful through the content.  Think of customers first, consider what sells you when you shop online? Provide as much helpful information as possible and not with the intent to sell, but with the intent to help your customers.

9. Be original - Neither the search engines nor regular readers like repetitions or copied content, so, even if you use someone else’s ideas or information, give them a personal touch, rephrase them in your own style. It is a sign of respect and appreciation for both visitors and search engines and it will pay off in the long run.

10. Think of the audience first – Above all else, when it comes to business blogs think of your readers first, when you impress leads and provide the utmost value you set yourself as an indispensable resource, which, in the long run leads to loyal lifelong customers.

5 Best Local Business Marketing Strategies

As a local business you have to learn how to use the internet to your advantage. If you aren't using the internet to bring in more customers you are missing out big time. These days people pull out their mobile device when it comes to finding a local business in their area that has what they are looking for. 

The days of using the Yellow Pages are quickly dwindling, 54% of people use the Internet over the phone book to search for a local plumber, florist, restaurant, mechanic, etc., sometimes just to get a phone number and other times to do research on the required services offered in their area. 

According to SMDigital Partners: 

  • 74% of all web users perform local searches
  • 100 + million people use Google Maps from mobile phones to find local business every month
  • 66% of people use online local search.
  • 61% of all local searches result in purchases
  • 82% of local searches result in offline actions, including, an in-store visit, phone call or purchase

A recent study from comScore revealed that 78% of local mobile searches resulted in offline purchases. If you aren't popping up in local search they will head over to your competition, this is guaranteed. 

Here are 5 simple things you can incorporate in your local business marketing strategy to help get more people in the door. 

1.  Create A Local Business Profile In The Top Three Search Engines

This is by far one of the easiest things you can do as far as local search marketing goes. All three top search engines, Bing, Google & Yahoo, allow businesses to create a local search business profile. This is absolutely free and it will take you all of 10 minutes. Make sure to include a phone number so that it can show up in search results under your business name. Go do it now!

2.  Get Mobile

These days everyone has a mobile phone. They use it to do all of their searching and other online activities. If your business can't handle mobile users you are in a world of trouble. Your business has to be able to come up in mobile search. Otherwise you will miss out on a ton of potential new customers. 

3.  Optimize Your Website Using Key Local Terms

When the search engines crawl your site they are looking for keywords that help them better understand what your website is all about. Always use the location of your business in the title tags. Include the full address include city and state. 

4.  Get Involved With Social Media Marketing

Well over a billion people are using Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter at any given moment. Think some of your customers are hanging out on these sites? You better believe they are. And as a small business you need to have a strong presence on both of these sites. When it comes to local marketing this is one of the best ways to do it. Build up your following and you will always have customers coming through your doors.  Monitor your reputation on Yelp, the leading consumer review site where thousands of people review various businesses. 

5.  Use Paid Local Search

Paid local search allows you to only receive visitors that are in your region. You can actually tell the search engines the area you want to receive visitors from. This gives you complete control over where your visitors come from. So instead of paying to have visitors come to your site who are less likely to purchase from you, you can only get visitors who are in your local area and are looking for what you have to offer.   Using paid local search will save you a great deal of money. It will also help you increase your conversions as you are only presenting your offers to those who you know are most likely interested. 

And there you have it, 5 of the best local business marketing strategies for small businesses. Use all of them and watch your rankings and profits start to soar.

Stop Wasting Time. Start Earning Money.

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You own your own business

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You find yourself wasting a lot of time on social media

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Even if you are a complete beginner, short on time or worried you do not have enough money or experience, if you are willing to give it a go, there will be a way to reach your dreams 

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* Copy the exact secrets of successful online entrepreneurs so you too can be successful without the need for a big budget or any experience with social media.

I don't want you to waste your time, so ONLY IF the above information resonates with you you'll find the training useful.

So if you are ready and eager to know more, go ahead and watch the training now !  

3 Steps To Make An Infographic And Top 5 Free Infographic Creation Sites

 Over the last couple of years infographics have become more and more popular. That's because they provide marketers with a great way to get their message in front of the masses. And while many people have jumped on the infographics bandwagon, very few have been successful with it. Most online marketers believe they can just post an infographic and the audience will just magically appear. 

This isn't the case. Your infographic has to be appealing and provide valuable information for it to be effective. So with this article I am going to share with you 3 simple steps to how you can create an infographic that will help you promote your products and services.

I will also show you 5 sites where you can make your own infographic or have one created for a great price. 

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is think of an idea. You can't have a good infographic without a good idea. So sit down and think. Make a list of possible ideas. You can also look online at other infographics for inspiration.  Below is an example of what an infographic looks like.

Infographic Example

Step 2

Gather the data that will be used for the infographic. This can be statistics, or snippets of information that pertain to your subject. You need to make sure the information on your infographic is accurate. Provide the facts and bring it all to a conclusion. Make everything simple and easy to read. 

Step 3

Step three is to create a skeleton of how you want everything to flow. This will be your initial draft and will really get the ball rolling. Figure out what you want at the top, in the middle and at the bottom of the image. 

Step 4

Step four is to actually create the infographic. Be careful with the colours as you don't want to overdo it. Stick with the pastels and bright hues. These colours tend to be eye friendly. It might seem like a challenge at first, but, it will get easier once you learn the program that you will choose to make the infographic.

Top 5 Infographic Creation Sites

Now that you know the 3 simple steps to creating an effective inforgraphic let’s talk about the top 5 sites you can use to create your very own. 


This is a pretty cool little program that allows you to create your own infographic. You can either do it with a blank canvas of you can use one of their templates. 


This one is very easy to use and it comes with five free templates you can use to create infographics. 


With Piktochart you can sign up for a free account or a paid one. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with what you are able to do with the free account. However, if you want to use more than six images you will need to upgrade to a paid account. 


This is great for those who have no design background. You can create amazing infographics in a matter of seconds. 

5.  PowerPoint

This is not an infographic creating site, but, Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful program where you can create magnificent infographics and images that you can use to place on to it. PowerPoint also has graphics built in, charts and various Smart Art that can be very useful in creating a gorgeous graphic to display your data.

Three Things You Should Do In 2022 To Earn More, Succeed More, And Enjoy More

Impacting thousands of people in the days gone by used to be the special reserve of what used to be called multi-national corporations but today, thanks to the internet, a kid in her mother's kitchen table can reach thousands if not millions by simply pressing send or publish on her iPhone or laptop. Technology has evened the playing field so you have no excuse if you have not yet joined the information superhighway.

After over 25 years as a banking "professional" I started dabbling online in 2020, thanks to COVID-19 pandemic and what I've learned has changed my perspective on how to positive impact more lives, earn more, succeed more and enjoy more. Success, unlike beauty, is not in the eye of the beholder. Success as Jim Rohn says, leaves clues. In this regard I'm only concerned with financial success. When you're financially successful, it reflects in where you live, the type of car you drive and the causes you support.

To be financially successful, you have to earn by the minute or hour or days not every thirty days (or weekly as in America) as an employee even if you're the chief executive officer of your organization. The biggest names out there earn by the minute. And when you earn by the minute you can enjoy more, like spending more time with your loved ones, going on vacation together, reading good books and supporting the less privileged.

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Here are the three things I would do to earn more, succeed more and enjoy more in 2022 and beyond if you asked for my opinion and willing to pay me to coach you but you can get them here all for free. I believe you already know that you should be operating online, and if you don't know, put on your running shoes and run helter-skelter in search of who can help you learn that. Having clarified that position, here are the three things you should do:

1. Build Your Audience

In the online world, audience is your customers. If you want to succeed beyond your wildest dreams in 2022 build and grow your audience. Again, if you want to succeed online beyond your wildest dreams in 2022 focus single-mindedly on building your audience. I'm not just talking about audience, I'm talking about customers who are willing to put their hands in their pocket and pay you for impacting their lives.

Building your audience or growing your customer base is something that every man, woman and child aspiring to make it big online should instinctively know but many don't get it. While it's obvious to the cognoscenti, it's not always obvious to the jaded beginner. Rather than jumping mindlessly trying to do a thousand things, do just one thing in 2022 - build your audience.

The more things change, the more they remain the same. From the time of the industrial revolution to the present day, the only way to grow your business remains capturing ever more satisfied customers you can convert to raving fans. No other thing matters. Having customers salivating for what you have to offer is so obvious that gurus like Edward Deming, John Juran, Philip Crosby, Tom Peters and a host of other gurus have pontificated on it and written tens of books for over half a century.

Organizations have responded by setting up Customer Service Departments, installing huge and expensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and spending millions on training yet nothing much has changed. The more they spend the more their service deteriorates because it's not about systems but attitude of people towards customers.

So as an online entrepreneur, if you want to succeed sustainably over the long haul move away from saying and get on with doing - focus on building audience and turning them into raving fans by doing everything you can to make their lives better. You can do this by enlightening them on more productive ways to achieve their goals, by sharing your experience how you overcame adversity, by educating them how to set up their money making machine, by sharing expertise how to be more result oriented and by showing them how to do things with more ease through automation.

Some gurus may advice you to begin with a product and not audience. For your online success, know that audience and products are the two sides of the same coin. However, you need just one product to succeed but you need thousands of customers to reach a tipping point. Your product doesn't have to be great, it doesn't have to be perfect, it doesn't have to be excellent from day one. It just has to serve a purpose. It should be able to take your customer from Point A to Point B. You can always come back and tweak it later on as you build momentum. But without audience your product will remain an orphan. So focus on building and growing an audience.

If you do it right, having a product does not even matter because your audience will at some point ask you if you have a product that can solve their problem A, B, or C to offer them. You can then tweak your existing product or build an entirely new one to add more value to their lives. The most successful online gurus like Brendon Burchard, Marie Forleo, Natalie Ellis, Gloria Atanmo to mention a few all know this and it's not a secret. Indeed, they preach it and if you want to succeed in 2022 and beyond, you'd better listen.

So again, focus on building an audience. Build relationships day and night using all available channels. Be generous because generosity is the number one currency of the internet. Have your perspective. Know that there is nothing people want online that they can't get through Google, YouTube and other search engines. But they might not have the confidence to try them out and they might not understand the context because there are so many viewpoints. That is where you come in - to provide clarity. Help your Audience build self-confidence and clarity because people are on different points on their life's journey so what works for Mr. A might not work for Mrs. B. By providing clarity, you position yourself to attract more prospects you can then turn into customer thereby positioning you to earn more, succeed more and enjoy more over the long haul.

2. Earn daily rather than monthly?

While the majority of people earn monthly because they are in paid employment, do you know you can earn daily or by the hour or even by the minute if you knew what to do online? The majority of people who know nothing about online business believe it's impossible to earn daily, talk less of earning by the hour. They can't just fathom how that can be done yet there are thousands earning by the minute because they have set up their systems on auto-pilot.

Let's say you hate earning daily, why not position yourself to earn at least once every five days? By so doing your earning power will go up by a factor of six. And the good news is that you don't have to know state governor, you need not be "connected"; all you need is a laptop. And more importantly you don't have to work six times or thirty times harder. It gets even better if you can earn while you sleep. And because you're not into anything illegal, you can sleep with both of your eyes closed.

If you're an employee and living in a country like Nigeria, where I reside, you're earning once every thirty days, and to say the least, you're cheating yourself. If you're sceptical about what I'm saying I quite understand. I would have felt the same way when I was working as a lowly paid bank worker. Then I thought I was on top of the world. How wrong I was!

The scales finally fell off my eyes when I left paid employment to try my hands on management consulting, which had always been my dream. The first thing I did was to engage a coach and he showed me various ways I could make a living online. What he showed me exploded my perspective but I was still sceptical because it sounded too good to be true. Despite investing quite a huge sum in training, coaching and website development, I gave up after 12 weeks and went back to knocking doors as a struggling management consultant I was accustomed to because everything looked so complicated.

The decision to go back to my familiar territory set me back over seven years until the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020. As millions of people from all over the world, I was locked indoors and I had no choice but revisit what the guru taught me. I applied one simple strategy and it exploded my earnings. Suddenly I became a "guru" in my own necks of the wood. All I had to do was to learn the Basics how to grow my audience, how to use social media the right way, how to build relationships, how to create products and so on. Once I learnt the Basics I realised online business was not as complicated as I thought it was. I wish I knew how to earn daily twenty years ago.

If you're an employee earning income once every thirty days you can make 2022 your best year ever by learning by the side how you could earn at least once every five days for a start. This calls for an open mindset, curiosity and linking up with a coach to show you how things work online. You must also have the self-confidence to understand that if things don't work the world will not come to an end.

3. Take Action

Take Action Now. Get FREE Training

The third and final thing you should do to earn more, succeed more and enjoy more is to take action. While this is so self-evident, as humans, we like to remain in our comfort zones, we like to procrastinate, and we don't like to make a fool of ourselves. Some of us are perfectionists and until we are hundred percent sure we are right; we don't like to venture on any new endeavours. There are a thousand things that could go wrong if you start a new venture 99.99% of them may never happen. All that is keeping you down is your ego.

So without belabouring the point, take action. A lot of people attend seminars, webinars, read books and even engage coaches but the never lift their finger to do whatever it takes to move the needle in their favour. There are many thing you can do to succeed in any endeavour you engage in but in the center of it all is "You." You have to learn the tools, techniques, systems, processes, strategies and tactics. While technology is important, it's an enable and until you focus your mindset to get things moving nothing will happen.

If you want to make 2022 your best year ever and position you to earn more, succeed more, and enjoy more, focus on these three things, build and grow your audience as if your life depended on it because it does, rework your strategies to start earning daily, and better still, hourly, and finally, take action. If you do these three things, you'll succeed beyond your wildest dreams in 2022 and become the go-to person in your necks of the wood.

Paul is the creator of iBMC (Internet Business Mastery Course), aka, iBMCer, and BWC (Book Writing Clinic) where he teaches how to build businesses online, thought leadership, entrepreneurship and how to write best selling books. He is the author of the book Bridges to the Customer's Heart, dubbed The Customer Service Bible, which has sold thousands of copies in Nigeria. The late Richmond Dayo Johnson described him as "One of Nigeria's most authentic experiential writers." He is the Chief Executive Officer, Vision & Talent, Nigeria's foremost company dedicated to teaching Service Excellence holistically. You can access his Intellectual Property by visiting the website You can reach him by mail to and phone: +234 803 307 5133. you can access Paul's learning platforms at and  Article Source:  Article Source:

How Anyone Can Make Real Money Online With Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most innovative online creations that offers an infinite amount of opportunities to earn money on the Internet. From wacky tasks to conventional online gigs like content writing, there are a lot of different ways one can earn some hard-earned cash from this online marketplace. 

For online sellers and freelancers, Fiverr is a very profitable site, with tons of website traffic coming on a daily basis. In addition, this marketplace has over 2 million tasks listed and 4,000 brand-new services, across a hundred categories. 

What Is Fiverr?

To earn money with Fiverr, first you need to understand what this website is all about as it will help you decide if it’s right for you and to learn about the earning potential of this online money-making source. 

Fiverr, in a nutshell, is an online global marketplace that offers services and tasks (referred as gigs), at a small cost of $5 per performed job. For the most part, it is used by freelancers to offer an array of services, and by clients to buy such services.

This site lists over 3 million different services that range between $5 and $500 hundred dollars, though anything priced over $5 is called a gig extra, and all base gigs are $5, that’s the rules.

For example, if selling article writing service your gig would be: “I Will Write A 500 Word Article for $5”. Then a gig extra might be, “Write 1000 word article” +$10 and another gig extra might be: “Write 1500 Word Article +$20 etc. 

Many sellers also offer gig extras that expedite speed of delivery for express service as opposed to their normal delivery time.

Price Per Task

As a freelancer, this online marketplace offers you a simple and extremely viable way to earn money online because they have a lot of traffic and thousands upon thousands of members.  

This, in turn, will give you a good source of income, or supplement your other one. While $5 is a relatively small amount of money for many freelancers, there have been a lot of freelancers that have earned a fortune from this online marketplace that sell many gigs per month along with the upsells on the gig extras.

For each gig, Fiverr gets a 20% cut, which means you will only have a net pay-out of $4. 

On the bright side, you can earn much more than $4 dollars per gig, as you develop a good reputation and get more clients to buy your services.

 As your sales increase and you get positive feedback from buyers, your rating as a seller increases, which, consequently increases your rankings within Fiverr for even more exposure that leads to more sales.

After you have completed at least ten Fiverr transactions, you will be able to unlock several advanced tools that offer add-on services as well as increase the value of your gigs. 

What Gigs Can Be Offered?

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist in order to earn money from this online marketplace. As a matter of fact, some Fiverr sellers have earned a lot of money from doing completely crazy and totally unique gigs like impersonating celebrities, daredevil stunts and crazy dancing. 

But, it is the legitimate and conventional gigs that are selling like hot cakes. The most popular and best-selling gigs in this site are SEO services, article writing, business consultation services, video editing and logo designing. 

Tips For The Ultimate Fiverr Success

  • Use catchy key phrases and words for the gigs offered in your profile description page. 

  • Showcase your awesome work by uploading the pictures of the gigs you have delivered. 

  • Deliver fast responses to customer inquiries. 

  • Always deliver the project or gig in a timely manner. Keep in mind that buyers are always eager to get their hands on the end product.  

  • Deliver what you promised on the sales page.

  • Make sure the sales page clearly defines what is offered, and anticipate all the questions buyers might have and make sure to include appropriate answers as well.

  • There are international sellers on Fiverr, but, it is an English site, and sale success can be damaged when sales pages are written in horrible English that no one can understand. If you are not fluent in the English language then outsource your sales copy to an appropriate seller on Fiverr.

  • Quality work is essential to maintain the required number of positive reviews to keep your business growing. Even one negative rating can quickly cause sales to dry up, and so attention to detail and quality is essential for success on Fiverr.

What Is Pay Per Click Marketing And Its Benefits

Whether you are new to online marketing, or an online entrepreneur who wants to learn more about PPC, then you are in for a treat.  In this online guide, you will get a plethora of information about PPC campaigns and how they work. Moreover, you get to learn how this Internet marketing medium can be very beneficial for your business. 

What Is PPC? 

Par Per Click, or also referred as PPC and Search Engine Marketing, is a form of online marketing that has been used by a great number of online entrepreneurs and marketers from all over the world. 

Pay Per Click allows you to gain search engine traffic that can boost the conversion rates of your calls to action and increase sales. All paid search ads appear before organic listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Pay Per Click is basically a sponsored Internet advertising scheme in which you (as an advertiser or marketer) have to pay a fee every time an internet user clicks one of your ads. 

Generally, it is a technique of buying visits or leads to your website. As its name suggests, you do not have to pay for anything with PPC, unless a web searcher clicks your ad that is displayed in the search engine results for the keywords you are bidding on

How Does It Work?

Basically PPC works like this, ads are created within the admin area of the network, for example, in Google Adwords. 

Those ads then appear in search engine results based on a keyword bidding system that is in place in Adwords, each time a user clicks on an add, the advertiser is charged a certain fee by Adwords. The fees depend on the value of the keywords being bid on, the more competitive terms cost a lot more than those that are not.

There Are 3 Entities Involved In PPC:

  1. Searcher Engine Users – They are the people who use search engines to look for information. They are the ones that these ads are targeting based on specific keyword searches. 

  2. Search Engines – Search Engines like Yahoo and Google have to cater to both advertisers and searchers simultaneously. With the help of search engines, searchers get to find solutions to their problems and queries, while advertisers are able to promote their products or services. In other words, they provide relevant and helpful result pages to the users, while driving highly targeted traffic to advertisers. 

  3. Advertisers – Advertisers who use PPC get to set up their accounts with the particular keywords they want to target for their campaigns and bid limits of what they will pay each time their ad is clicked in the SERPS (search engine page results). Each ad is designed to target relevant keyword searches and to show up when people are searching for them.

Pay Per Click advertising mainly revolves around using the right keywords. To be successful in your PPC campaign, you need to put extra emphasis in keyword organization, grouping and research. 

It is also of utmost importance to understand how the system works since paying per click can get very expensive, very fast. 

Constant monitoring, measuring and testing is necessary to retain a positive ROI (return on investment).

The Best PPC Services

There are a lot companies that offer Pay Per Click management services, but, only these two can be considered the best:

  • Google Adwords

  • Bing Ads

The Benefits of PPC marketing

As a website owner or advertiser, you get to enjoy these perks:

  • Greater Reach - With PPC marketing, you get an additional source of traffic to your website, which can enhance your online presence as well as help you establish your business as one of the leaders in your niche or industry. 

  • Increases In Revenue - For high converting sales pages and websites, PPC can yield a positive ROI, and instant sales, as opposed, to other methods, such as, SEO or social media marketing that takes time and a lot of effort.

  • Quick Results - Unlike your traditional organic online marketing techniques, PPC advertising can be easily and quickly launched. This, in turn, will bring qualified leads and targeted traffic to your site in a very fast and efficient fashion. 

  • Quality Traffic - With PPC campaigns, you get to assign an array of ads for particular demographics and keywords. As a result, the quality of traffic coming to your website can be significant. 

  • Testing And Measuring Benefits - Your PPC campaign can be used to test the effectiveness of your Internet marketing in a lot of different ways. For instance, you can use it to perform an A/B test on your promo ads, banners and landing pages. Additionally, you may use these campaigns to test for the right keywords and key phrases to use in your campaigns with other marketing methods. 

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