Build Email List with Help of Udimi Solo Ads

You are probably well aware that ‘the money is in the list’ – ‘YOUR list’ to be more specific and you have probably also tried several of the recommended free ways to grow your list, but without success.

And furthermore, you probably have also dipped your toe into paid ads and parted with your hard-earned cash to buy Facebook or Google or other paid ads, also to no avail.

This article will tell you about another way to engage in paid ads, a lot more successful than other types of paid ads, particularly for beginner online marketers.

How to kick start your email list by buying solo ads from Udimi

Well, if that is the case, you may be surprised to hear that there is still some hope to get paid traffic.  And although one can buy and sell ads on Udimi, this article will only focus on buying ads on Udimi, because, as you are reading this blog, my assumption is that you are a beginner probably wanting to start or grow your email list. 

On the Udimi platform there is a huge opportunity for you to buy solo ads with elite email lists from plenty of authentically identified sellers.  These sellers are specialised in different niches and based around the world so that you will have many different options to choose from clicks at various prices.

Why is Udimi Platform Suitable for Beginners

On Udimi platform various buyers and sellers can meet and trade for solo ads. The sellers make available their elite email lists to provide you, the buyer opportunity to advertise your link in front of their audience.  Sellers on Udimi bring good conversion rates.

As the buyer you can search for sellers based on ranking and filter out what you prefer. This system works for affiliate and digital marketers, making it an all-in-one platform for many entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers. Udimi operates on a ‘blind rating system’, which is reassuring as this means the scores are accurate and unbiased. In turn, this increases the rate of interest for buyers and ensures they get effective results for their investment.

The sellers provide up to date opt-in lists to reach recipients who are familiar with the senders and already engaged with their content. So there are great chances they would also click on any specific advertisement being emailed out by their already trusted sender.  In turn, this increases the buyers’ conversion rates.

Watch the video below for more details

Benefits of using Udimi platform

Easy to use Interface - The interface of the  Udimi platform is very easy to use and doesn’t require any skills to operate. Anyone, even beginners, can operate and use it without any issues.

Very affordable for buyers - The platform is very affordable for buyers since they can buy a click for somewhere just between 40 cents to 95 cents and get high-quality traffic that can convert into leads & customers.

Customer support present - Customer support is contactable throughout the day to provide timely solutions for problems or queries.

There is no doubt that all online affiliates or entrepreneurs need to use paid advertisements as part of their marketing strategy to boost product sales.  Udimi provides the best of the elite email lists to buyers willing to generate traffic on their landing page.  Udimi is a very suitable platform where you can promote with solo ads

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10 Tips On How To Write Content That Sells On Business Blogs

It is a proven fact that blogging is a great way to promote and get more traffic for any kind of business site, but, of course, the results depend on the quality of the content and posts. Not all sites using blogs for promotion are successful, because not all marketers know how to write content that sells.

If that is your case, or you just want to make sure that you are on the right track, here are a few tips to guide you along the process of writing high converting blog posts.

1. Focus on business goals – Why are you blogging, what is your main goal? No matter what it is, avoid personal subjects, keep it to business, and provide useful information that goes above and beyond. 

In order to help you to define your goals, answer these questions:

  • Do you want traffic within the shop or just online?

  • Do you wish to increase sales or just traffic?

  • What clients do you want to attract?

  • Do you want to educate clients and prospects?

  • Do you want to focus on the company, to build a brand, or just on the products fast?

  • Do you want to bring more organic traffic?

  • Pick a maximum of three objectives and stick to them for better results.

2. Target a well-defined category of customers – Do the research and think about what is the ideal target audience for your business. Who is interested in your products and what they would be looking for, this is a common practice known as market research. Write the posts in a language that would suit the education level, the age and the interests of these potential customers.

3. Choose the subjects of your posts carefully – They have to awake the interest of your potential customers, to entice them to read more, and to establish you as an authority in the niche. Expertise is of utmost importance because it will increase sales and carve you into the “go to” entity for that industry. 

4. Well-written posts – Make sure that the content is well written, poorly written articles do little to portray your business as an authority or to convey professionalism. This includes proofing carefully for typos and grammar errors. 

5. Make posts easy to read – People like to read between the lines, they like short and concise sentences, they like bullets and headings, so make sure to structure your post accordingly and do not forget to leave some space between the paragraphs, to give the reader the impression that he or she has more “air”, more freedom of choice, more time to process information.  

6. Use keywords in post titles – The best way to be sure the search engines place your content in relevant search engine page results is by optimizing your page’s titles tags. This will bring targeted organic search traffic, as opposed to, generic titles that no one is searching for.

7. Provide useful and practical information - Give tips, advice, examples, include videos and photos if you can. The more problems your posts solve and the more questions they answer, the more sales they will bring, as well as, establish your business as an authority.

8. Be persuasive - Do not try to sell the products directly, but rather to show people what they need and where they can get it from safely and at affordable prices. Solve problems. Bragging about how great products are and blogging in an overly promotional manner is a run off and lowers the trust level that the audience will have in your company. It is much more effective to be useful through the content.  Think of customers first, consider what sells you when you shop online? Provide as much helpful information as possible and not with the intent to sell, but with the intent to help your customers.

9. Be original - Neither the search engines nor regular readers like repetitions or copied content, so, even if you use someone else’s ideas or information, give them a personal touch, rephrase them in your own style. It is a sign of respect and appreciation for both visitors and search engines and it will pay off in the long run.

10. Think of the audience first – Above all else, when it comes to business blogs think of your readers first, when you impress leads and provide the utmost value you set yourself as an indispensable resource, which, in the long run leads to loyal lifelong customers.

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