90 Minute Affiliate Challenge Review (Free Course)

The 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge is a free online webinar class by Brian Brewer. Brian is a super affiliate in the internet marketing field.

If you are a newbie to affiliate marketing, and still wondering if you can make money online, all I would say is it is a legit business model and earning an online income is possible.  Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start making online as you won’t have to

  • Create your own product
  • Close sales
  • Deliver fulfilment (delivering, shipping etc.).
  • Handle customer service or deal with complaints, refunds or any other aspect of the process

Your sole time will be taken up to do

  • Marketing.

That is it. With the affiliate marketing business model, your only responsibility is marketing.

Brian’s 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge shows step by step how to get started in this multi-billion dollar industry so you too can have a slice of the money cake.

I have been following Brian for some time now and he is a really down to earth guy, only wanting the best for his subscribers; going the extra mile.

So Who Is Brian Brewer?

Brian Brewer is a 6-figure affiliate marketer who made his name, first as a Shopify affiliate and then as Legendary Marketer affiliate before setting up his own courses.  I am an affiliate for his upgrade program, Affiliate Escape Plan which is packed full of value, but what I love most of all is his live fortnightly group mentoring calls online – I learn so much from other people’s questions and value the support from them and Brian.  But if you just want to dip your toe in, I would recommend you start slowly with this  90 Minute Affiliate Challenge as you will get superb value to get you started without being overwhelmed.

What is the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge?

The 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge is a 9-lesson free course focusing the teaching on online marketing skills.  Don’t underestimate this training!! It has the potential to transform your life.

If you ask any affiliate marketing who has been in the industry for some years, you will hear that affiliate marketing is easier today than it has ever been.  So then the question is, why do most affiliate marketers still struggle to make their first commission online.

It has all to do with where you learn your information. It is all great and well to learn for free on google or YouTube, but then what…..most people give up as a lot of online information make it sound so easy….but it takes commitment and dedication as well as guidance from the right mentor to just nudge you into the right direction. 

Brian shares the “success principles” of affiliate marketing, which enabled him and countless others to quit their jobs and generate multiple 6 figures in a few years.  In this 90 Min Affiliate Challenge, Brian shares these secrets.

This free course shares legit and valuable details. Brian is a legit person who put his money where his mouth is.

What’s does the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge Include?

Before starting the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge course, Brian gives a welcome video to warm you up to what’s coming.

He explains why affiliate marketing is the best online method for beginners to earn their first commission.  He also elaborate on why high-ticket affiliate marketing is the quicker way to live the laptop lifestyle even faster so you can scale and eventually quit your job (if that’s your intention).

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Lesson 1: How to Become a Successful Affiliate Quick & Easy

In this first lesson, Brian explains about affiliate marketing and discusses the three most common ways people find success with affiliate marketing:

1.How to rank for search terms.

2.How to become an influencer.

3.How to grow a tribe and help them.

Brian also shares why his “think win-win,” habit has brought him success.

Lesson 2: How to Choose a Profitable Niche & Winning Affiliate Products

If you have done some research about profitable niches, it won’t surprise you that Brian agrees these to be in the following niches.  In this lesson, he starts by showing the three evergreen niches that have the most potential for affiliate revenue:

  • Health.
  • Love/Relationships.
  • Wealth.

These niches are evergreen because through time it remains a fact that those are the most common areas in people’s lives where they will encounter problems that they are usually desperate to solve.

It is a situation of demand and supply.  Someone has an issue that bothers them, and they are prepared to pay for solutions. 

Brian develop a formula to make money even faster.  The hack is to solve your own problem first (eg. How to make money online) and then help others like you solve their problem the same way.  He calls this formula:


That, is the secret to succeeding twice as fast in this business.

Lesson 3: Brian's 3 Step “PSP” Framework

Here, Brian gives information about how to get people to buy. This lesson has actionable steps to build your affiliate marketing business.

The “PSP” framework is divided into three parts:

  1. Problem: traffic (content or ads).
  2. Solution: your bridge page funnel. 
  3. Product: product’s sales process.

The “PSP” model takes people on a journey:

  1. Tell them about a problem they might have.
  2. Provide the solution.
  3. Product creator sells the product (your affiliate link links the potential customer with the product creator’s voice).

Lesson 4: Use Simple 2-Page Funnel Model for Affiliate Offers

90 Minute Affiliate Challenge - simple 2 page funnel in Lesson 4
In this lesson, Brian explains the science behind why his simple 2-page funnel is responsible for generating more than $200k for himself and nearly 7 figures across multiple affiliates who have copied the exact funnel outlined in this lesson.

He provides specific strategies and tactics to become a successful marketer. He will also teach you how to build funnels the right way so you can make money for years to come. 

And best of all, you can with 1-click clone and import his funnel for free.

90 Minute Affiliate Challenge Lesson 4 why this funnel works so well
The funnel and pre-written email follow-up swipes, bridge page funnel script comes free.  You also get a bonus that shows you how to also give this away to earn more passive income.

You will be able to clone Brian’s funnel - either paid (Legendary Marketer) or Free (Systeme.io). 

Remember that we’re talking about a free course! So what is given away for free is a lifetime opportunity. If you want to clone the funnel responsible for Brian’s 6-figure business, click the button below to join this challenge.

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Lesson 5: How to Get Unlimited Free & Targeted Traffic

In this lesson, Brian talks about the #1 opportunity right now to get free traffic to your offers, in other words, short-form content:

  • Facebook Reels
  • Instagram Reels.
  • YouTube Shorts.
  • TikTok Videos.

Brian is a big fan of short-form content.  It is much easier to create 10-15 second videos, compared to growing a YouTube channel.   Also, the various platforms’ algorithms push short-form content, which means that there is a much higher chance to reach audiences even if you have no following or subscribers.

Lesson 6: How to Increase Conversions with Email Automation

You may have heard that “the money is in the list” and Brian reiterates the importance of having an email list including how you should use it.  Brian is keen that instead of just trying to sell the product to your email list (to those who haven’t bought it yet), you should be applying the “PSP” (problem, solution, product) framework and address those three steps in your emails.

Brian also advices that you must be relatable with your audience by sharing your own story so your audience can relate to you.  Tell them what job you did and of your struggles to make ends meet (if it is relevant) and also tell them how you have found the product that you are promoting, helpful.

Remember that people who opted in your email list resonated with your story in one way or another.

And in particular, it they haven’t bought yet, remind them of possible problems they might have (or their objections) and then offer the solution (the product) and what you found helpful about the product you are promoting.

This way, you validate the product and build trust with your followers.

Affiliate marketing is not about selling stuff.  Affiliate marketing is all about trust. And trust is being built by helping people to solve their problems.

Lesson 7: Make Your Offer So Irresistible that People Cannot Refuse to Buy It.

This lesson shows how to increase the perceived value of your affiliate offer so the product’s price becomes irrelevant.  Brian created the “value formula,” showing you how to increase the perceived value of your offer.

Lesson 8: How to Create Omnipresence

The more you show up in front of your leads the more they will become familiar with you.  Familiarity breeds trust.  And trust breeds loyalty.

At this point Brian also give a sneak peek inside follow up training if you are ready to take the next step on the high-ticket affiliate marketing gravy train.  It involves his 15 principles of marketing. His message is that, as long as his business focused on those 15 principles, the money took care of itself, and he never had to worry about the next payday.

As a bonus, if you enrol in Brian’s  Affiliate Escape Plan (AEP) 2.0, you’ll automatically gain access to the full recording of his presentation.

Take away message from this lesson is principle #2, which relates to the definition of marketing by Frank Kern, namely: marketing is getting the right message about an excellent product in front of the right people at the right time.

Lesson 9: How to Build Multiple Streams of Income 

The take-away message from this last lesson is that helping your leads will result in more income from them.  When you solve a problem, other problems arise and must be solved.  And you can solve a problem for one lead with a crib sheet or quick video, but that also means that other leads may have similar problems, so you then incorporate your solutions into your email marketing or elsewhere in a handy manner for all your leads. 

Furthermore, although affiliate marketing may have solved your problem, you may have encountered other problems and when you know solutions for that, you can tell your leads about those tools as you know they will need them sooner rather than later.  And usually such tools may have their own affiliate programs, which in turn will start you to multiply your income streams and capitalise on the whole chain.

Here’s how this applies to Brian:

  • He promotes LegendaryMarketer for people interested in online marketing education to quit their 9 to 5, for example.
  • He introduces them to ClickFunnels that is a funnel builder that hosts their funnels when they start learning about affiliate marketing.
  • To follow up with their leads, people will need an email autoresponder
  • Lately Brian also recommends Systeme.io as that is a free funnel builder and autoresponder to help get started even cheaper.
  • As part of his Affiliate Escape Plan (AEP) 2.0 program, Brian offers group live coaching every 2 weeks as part of this plan. This in itself is invaluable as the majority of mentors in affiliate marketing charges huge costs just to get time with them. If you upgrade to AEP plan, this is just part of the package and the trainings are recorded so you can catch up on those in your members area. But that alone is worth the AEP 2.0. This alone is unheard of in the affiliate marketing industry.

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The Course Is Free, So What’s The Catch?

There is no catch.  Brian says he created this 100% free course so you can get up to date and trust-worthy information about affiliate marketing. He says he loves the affiliate marketing industry because it completely changed his life and is paying forward what he learned.  Affiliate Marketing gave him freedom and he is wanting the same for you. 

This free course shows the repeatable process that allowed him to succeed and you can apply this in any affiliate marketing venture.  The knowledge is not restricted to promote his high ticket program, as you can apply the knowledge to your own affiliate program you want to promote.  However, Brian plainly admits that his main goal is to give you so much value with the amount of information he gives you, so that when you are ready to go all-in with affiliate marketing and looking for a high-ticket affiliate course to promote, you’ll consider promoting his  Affiliate Escape Plan (AEP) 2.0.

His premium upgrade course  Affiliate Escape Plan (AEP) 2.0 is there for you if you want:

  • More support.
  • More step-by-step tutorials.
  • More guidance.
  • More frameworks.
  • More back-end conversion process stuff.
  • And have the potential to earn $1,000 commissions.
  • Brian likes to say his goal is to show you that he can help you by actually helping you.   

Brian Brewer's 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge

90 Minute Affiliate Challenge Review: Conclusion

Affiliate marketing can be started from doing a free course.  Brian Brewer’s 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge provides better value than some paid courses out there.  It provides you with step by step information, taking you by the hand.  If you’re still unsure about affiliate marketing and are not willing to spend money on education, then I would recommend this free course.  In my years of learning about affiliate marketing this course has opened my eyes to what other massively expensive courses left out.  I honestly have never taken a free course with so much value as the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge.  

It is methodical and laid out clearly and concisely.  Brian has a down to earth humility and is bending backwards to make his students’ lives as easy as possible by going the extra mile to resolve their issues and providing additional tools needed as cheaply or freely as possible.

This course is free and only 90 minutes long and nothing to lose.  If you do this course, I would love to hear from you about how you found it.

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